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Pat D. on Oct 19, 2017

This is the best massage I have had in quite some time. David was very thorough

kate. R. on Oct. 11, 2017

Liked it. My nods were gone. I would go again!

E K. on Oct. 2, 2017

David is very knowledgeable in his field and brings about a good combination of Western and Chinese techniques. I would recommend especially for those who require physiotherapy healing.

Marilynn Z. on Jul. 29, 2017

I had two deep tissue massages and Found them really helpful. I will definitly go back again.

Collette K. on Jul. 27, 2017

Excellent massage therapist, clearly he is very experienced, professional and borders almost as a physiotherapist.

Kylie T. on Jul 16, 2017

David is a talented massage therapist. He has some unique techniques that my body responded well to (even if my mind was skeptical). I'll be back without hesitation! Online booking is a breeze. When you go to the gym location, his office is to the left of the main waiting area (down the narrow hall)

Loiskanefsky on Jul. 4, 2017

David is a wonderful therapist and gave a great massage. I will defintely return. LK

Taryn J. on Jun 8, 2017

David is hands down THE best. Would highly recommend to any one in need of deep tissue/therapeutic massage.

Jo R. on Jun 1, 2017

David at Decodex is excellent. I've never had a more theraeutic massage.

Caroline W. on May 30, 2017

David is amazing! I've been feeling and sleeping much better since I started getting massages from him.

Teresa M. on May 30, 2017

David was amazing! Very knowlegeable.

Shawna D. on Apr. 2, 2017

Relaxing. Would definitely recommend! David is a good guy and great masseuse. Comfortable atmospher.

Elizabeth S. on Apr. 18, 2017

I enjoyed the massage very much. David actually listened to me and worked on the areas that neededattention instead of ignoring what I told him. This is the first time in years I have had a massage and came out of it feeling like I had gotten my money's worth. I would definitely recommend Decodex Massage.